Q&A With a Plus Size Model is an exclusive series of interviews with some of the most popular plus size adult models. Please leave a comment below.

How did you start in the business and how old were you?

I was 22 and I had a normal twitter account that I posted a few modelling pictures I had done for a friend.  Promoters followed me, saying I’d do good at camming. My twitter kinda blew up, so I thought I’d give it a go… I’m still here. I love it.

What kind of student were you in school?

I hated the majority of the kids in my school. I had a few issues so I turned into a bit of a rebel. I just didn’t wanna be there. I got decent gcse’s though.

How different is your life away from the camera?

I work 24/7 but when I do have the odd hour or day off I’m either playing with my dogs, seeing friends & family, or on nights out. A few drinks and my naughty side is in full swing. I’m not much different if I’m honest. The same naughty sex addict who’s addicted to playing with my pussy haha.

Does adult modeling affect your relationships with your partner?

Well I have been single 6 years. I’ve been “dating” a few guys in the mean time, they start off saying they love the idea, few weeks in, they’re struggling, few months later they can’t handle it. I understand it’s very difficult to deal with, so I’m saving myself for someone who is fully comfortable with my job, because I love it & I’m not leaving anytime soon.

What would you do if you weren’t a cam model?

I was a caterer, I used to make birthday/wedding cakes & wedding favours. It was great. But I love this. Now I wanna do photography, videography, makeup & hair. So if I leave the job, being in front of the camera, I’d love to be behind the camera & still do this job. I love every part!

What is your favorite plus size store to shop at?

I shop at boohoo a lot. Sometimes the sizing is so off. Sometimes you look at the stuff like WTF. But majority is good stuff. I also love ASOS.

How do your friends and family react to your choice of lifestyle?

I told my mum within 12 hours. She was so supportive, I told my sister a week later- I was so scared. And then a school bully “outed” me to Facebook. I lost 95% of my friends. But I’m glad that happened because I’ve never had to tell anyone. It made me realize fast that if people don’t wanna be my friend or know me because of my job, they were never a good friend to begin with. I tell everyone almost as soon as I meet them just to save disappointment if they are that judgmental they don’t wanna know me.

What can your fans expect from a live cam show?

In a group show I like to chat, tease, play with my boobs, perform sloppy blowjobs on my big toys, titty fucking. Tease themun til they go to private(although  some cum from my blowjobs) then in private is where the fun happens! I do fetishes in private. Anything from smokey blowjobs & foot fetish, to roleplays. In private is where they can see me fully nude, teasing and playing with my sexy curves, using toys on myself & finishing with my huge squirt finales!

What’s your favorite sex toy?

My big 8 inch dong. It has a suction cup on it so I can ride it. Stick it to the side & back up onto it, or fuck myself normally! It’s a realistic dildo. I love it!

Do you prefer Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead and why?

I’ll be honest. This is where the readers will throw tomatoes at me haha. I’ve seen 1 episode of walking dead & nothing of game of thrones. I don’t have time to watch TV so when I do, I don’t wanna watch something that the whole world will spoil because I’m weeks behind! I’ll give them a go one day though. PROMISE ha!

Where can your admirers find you online?

I cam most of the day on adultwork. http://refer.adultwork.com/?R=2011353&T=2011353
I sell movies on manyvids – https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/161160/BustyBroganXXX/
My twitter is – bustybroganxxx
My insta is – bustybrogan
Facebook fanpage is – bustybrogan

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