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What made you want to become an adult model?

Many years ago 23 years exactly, my husband and I entered a contest with JUGGS magazine and I won as an amateur model. The response was very good, lots of requests for me and I became a regular in that magazine. Which was unusual because I was a plus size model and not your everyday JUGGS Magazine type model one would say. From that I went on to appear in many more magazines. Just to name a few, GENTS, PLUMPERS & BIG WOMEN, side bar in Hustler and VOLUPTUOUS.

I started up my website free at that time to market myself, to have offer some type of way to communicate with my new found fan and to let them know what I was up to. I enjoyed it all, my husband and I was a team. Even though we were like oil and water. AL was the conservative retired decorated Air Force man and I was the educated but let’s all party house wife. Patrick who is NORMA STITZ NEWLETTER editor suggested I do a fan letter, at that time it was one page, today it’s a quarterly magazine. One friend came to my home from Florida and we locked up in my basement and I was taught how to build a web site from scratch. We returned from vacation one summer and I had a desk top computer from a fan friend that owns an IT company. There have been so many angels in my life that have made NORMA STITZ who she is, that I could never thank all my fan friends enough.

Some exciting big events began to happen in my life. With the help of my family at JUGGS MAGAZINE and Diann Hanson who was the publisher at the time I competed for a world title and won. In 1999 I was awarded and got a place in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the Largest Natural Breasts to this date I still hold that title. I got a good team under my belt, got myself marketed correctly, have traveled all over the world with the book of records, a total blessing for me. Year 2003 I received AVN award for BEST BODY PARTS in a video. One that is really close to my heart also I received in 2013 BBEE FAN FEST HALL OF FAME. That meant to me that big women had received a place in this business. This award was not based on sales it was an honest award that came from the heart of people in the industry and our many fan friends, thanks again.

I love being called Voluptuous because it represents my true body shape, large breasts with wide hips. All the above is why I have been in this business and why I am still here today.

How different is your life away from the camera?

The real me love to spend time with my family, cooking up different creations has I call them. I love going to the beach, soaking up in the sun, I do that about 3 times a year. I have travel partners that we travel on vacations going to really nice places that only you though would have been a dream. I have my sister who’s my ride or die chick forever, but I also have two friends that we have been ride or die besties for over 40 years. We like to give house parties, go to the club and close it down and just support each other. I am a producer, owner of NORMA STITZ PRODUCTIONS, LLC with that I’m always going over new inquiries about work and writing scripts for my next project. I went back to school after 32 years and got my Masters in Marketing Management, now I am the owner of HAWKINS TUNRER MAKRETING TEAM, Corp. and I am involved with an IT company as well. Life is good in front and not in front of the camera.

Does adult modeling affect your relationships with your partner?

Yes, being in this business does affect any relationship with your mate. With my late husband, God rest him we started is together and we did it all until his death there was an understanding with a solid relationship. With me I find that when you meet someone I have this question on the inside of me asking, are they looking to date Norma Stitz or are they looking to date Annie? After a number of conversations with them and I will decide if I want to put in time to let them know me or should I just chop this shit up and move on. I’m not dating at the moment because that’s what I want right now. I want to meet people have fun, go shopping and have fine wine with dinner, sometime breakfast, WINK.

Would you ever meet a fan for dinner?

Sure do and I love those guys, that you can pick out a new dress, nice new wig and good dinner all on them.

What kind of student were you in school?

I was an honor student always wanted to fine me gold at the end of my rainbow. Education was a way out of the projects for me and I was going for it and I got it.

How many times a day do you orgasm?

Who knows man I am a web cam girl, I am always have that. Nothing dry about me sweetie, reserve juices flows deep and out. LOL

How old were you when you realized you could be paid to model?

I was about 36 when I got into the business.

How long to you plan to stay in adult entertainment?

I am in the history of adult entertainment I’m like the Tiger Woods you talk about golf his name comes up, you talk about tits NORMA STITZ will come up. To answer your question, I am in it forever. I started my production company to make full length DVD’s those will sell always. That’s what business is all about planning the future, sure clips are hot right now but them full movies will sell a lifetime, believe that.

How do your friends and family react to your choice of lifestyle?

To my family I am a mother, cousin, sister, the lady that goes to church and pay her tithes, very active when my kids was in school and the best neighbor any one could have. When my computer goes off NORMA STITZ GOES TO SLEEP AT THAT TIME. Sure they know what I do, I am a fantasy chick only, a goddess of nudity and one that you will never see having sex.

Do you ever feel like you’ve been judged unfairly because of what you do?

Sure that happens people judged Jesus. Here the good thing that I learned over the years I do not need people to approve me. I am who I am accept or get rammed because I am running my journey full speed.

How can your admirers find you online?

Find me at all my spots:


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