Can you begin by telling us a little bit about the types of content you produce?

First off, let me say how happy and excited I am to be interviewed by you. I produce everything softcore to hardcore films. Majority of my film is story line based. Meaning there’s a script and plot. I wanna mix old school porn with new school and also add my own spice on it. The adult industry is ever changing and people are tired of seeing porn where its you fucking and that’s it. Yea that’s what porn is, but to me its only a small spread of what it could be and that’s what Zo Underground Studios is about.

You use the word underground in your title. What does that refer to?

Underground means alternative. Different than the rest. My own universe. My realm.

Do you work with women only?

I’m a pansexual polyamorous filmmaker. I film all and work with all(18+). I work with every genre wrapped into one. No labels here at Zo Underground.

What was your most successful content produced so far?

“Aurora Redd:Vampire Nymph” its a about a vampire who wasn’t killed, but instead is in deep sleep for centuries and wakes up in 2015 to learn more of the world shes in and a haunted past. We filmed it this past December. It’s going to release overseas in Korea first. Hopefully this Fall.

What qualities do you look for when searching for a new performer?

Someone who is open minded and loves alternative stuff, whether it’s BDSM or other wild fetishes, and someone who can act naturally. Someone who is strong minded and can work with a dominate producer like myself. Some have blocked me on twitter or whatever social media because they dislike my strong presence and that I don’t kiss your ass like most of these other companies and producers. There’s too too too too many models and potential models out here to work with so when that happens just move along to the next because at the end of the day I will have my fans and this is a business. I run my company my way with respect, loyalty, love, and creativity. I love working with up and comers and turning cam models into porn stars. I’m like a bridge between camming and porn. You can test it out and I love working with newbies. Those who see my vision are always apart of TeamZo

Do you travel to meet the performers?

Yes often. I know a lot of my angels out there can’t travel due to family obligations and such so I always do my best and will travel to make things happen.

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining the adult entertainment industry?

Don’t come in thinking you’re gonna make a million dollars. There is more to it than just sex. Itis a business like any other. Networking with the right people will benefit you more in the long run. Find your niche. Don’t be a follower and always try to be your own brand. Don’t let these guys manipulate you. Don’t waste time on projects lacking potential. Just be as original and creative as possible and always stay true to your fans.

Do you work with Plus Size women?

Yes, I certainly do. I love all women no matter their size or race. I just love curvy girls most.

Do you work alone or do you have a small team?

I have a small crew. Including myself, I have my head photographer/videographer Jim Sims, my 2nd hand cam guy Matty P, my hair stylist/makeup artist Darq Moon, and wingman equipment guy AJ and my head scout and head model/assistant Yena Zeau.

Q. What kind of the equipment do you use for your video productions?

Canon XF-105, Canon Vixia R600,GoPro HD, Canon Markiii

Where can we find your work?

On my twitter @ZoUnderground. My website is which is still in building mode so just bookmark it and stay tuned for the launch.